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05 Jul 2019

Superannuation is money paid by your employer to a fund for you to live off when you retire. 

Some of the common industry superannuation funds include:

•    AustralianSuper
•    CareSuper
•    CBUS
•    HESTA
•    LUCRF Super
•    MTAA Super

What is TPD? 

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12 Jun 2019

The last thing we expect when we leave the safety of our own home is to injure ourselves, but at times injuries arise in unexpected circumstances. If you have tripped, slipped, fallen or even had something fall on you (or been injured by other means in a public domain), you may be entitled to make a Public Liability Claim.

financial hardship
11 Jun 2019

The financial impact of having an illness or injury can be devastating for you and your family.  Did you know that you may be able to relieve some of that financial stress through your super?  

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be able to make an early withdrawal from your super and you may also be eligible to claim an insurance benefit. 

10 May 2019

As a personal injury lawyer working in a busy motor vehicle accident practice, every day I come face to face with the impact that transport accidents have, not only on the victims but also their families.

road safety
08 May 2019

Zaparas Lawyers support the National Road Safety Week, which is held from 6th May – 12th May.

09 Apr 2019

Whiplash occurs when a person’s head moves backward and then forward suddenly with great force. This injury is most common following a rear-end car collision. It can also result from physical abuse, sports injuries, or amusement park rides.