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Client Reviews

    Our most important critics

    What matters to us most is what our clients have to say about their experience once everything has been resolved. Below are some of the messages we have received from people we’ve represented.

    What they have to say

    Oct 2019

    Thank you to ms Arzu Erdem and Mr Peter Zaparas and the whole team at Zaparas LawyersArzu and Peter you went above and beyond to do my TAC case successfully. A Law firm with heart and feelings! 

    Ms Arzu is an outstanding diligent professional, you cared about me by always putting my mind at ease by providing me with updates on my case and guiding me thru some difficult and dark periods! I would highly recommend Ms Arzu Erdem when needing any legal advice. Excellent representation with genuine kindness and outstanding professionalism!

    Oct 2019

    I can only thank and praise Rob and Andjelka for their time and devotion to my case. Both Rob and Andjelka are in touch with the reality of what a chronic pain sufferer has to deal with on a daily basis and prove that you don't have to suffer from an injury to understand, you just  have to care.

    Aug 2019

    If you want a smart and caring lawyer to represent you with your injury claim , then try to get Yianni, Zoe, Peter or Paul Zaparas.
    However if you cannot get one of them ,then without a doubt choose Saira Griffin...The only difference with Saira is that her surname is not Zaparas.
    The rest is as if she is part of the Zaparas immediate family.
    The same intelligence 
    The same care 
    The same compassion.
    My case came to a timely conclusion with the best outcome.

    Jun 2019

    We went to Zaparas Lawyers because my father was told he had bone marrow cancer. We did our research and found this cancer was caused by chemicals used in the factory he was working in...All we wanted was for the insurance company to pay medical bills... But to our surprise and the hard work from our lawyer and barrister my father was payed out the maximum. My advice to everyone who has worked in factories and worked with chemicals, if you are not feeling well, see your doctor get tests... Hopefully everything is good, if not get in contact with Zaparas Lawyers. They work wonders.Thanks to the team at Zaparas Lawyers.

    Jun 2019

    Thank you to Yianni and Michael for being with me through this journey...The team is committed, professional and caring regularly updating me on my case progression... Everything was done in a timely manner and the team were trustworthy and sincere... I could not have wished for better lawyers on my side.

    May 2019

    I believe that the whole process of my WorkCover claim was extremely well managed. Robyn and her team were very professional and could answer every question I asked. They were also very compassionate and understanding that I was going through a hard time.

    Without Robyn and her great understanding, I would have given up this journey a long time ago.

    May 2019
    I am happy with how someone from Zaparas always gets back to me quickly after I've raised any concerns. It makes me feel that I'm being looked after and cared for. Thank you.
    Mar 2019

    The communication and responses to emails and phone calls was very prompt which we were very impressed with. The advice was clear and concise and Mark was able to break down the 'legal jargon' in a manner that was understandable. 

    Thank you to Mark for supporting us through this claim and for having faith in a favourable outcome and for staying positive throughout the matter.

    Your professionalism and support was very much appreciated.