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National Road Safety Week 2021

    National Road Safety Week 2021
    14 May 2021

    Every day we depend on roadways to connect us to the people we love and the things we do. We trust these roadways to keep our supply chains running and to get us home safely, yet, at times people do get injured. The number of fatalities and serious injuries on Australian roads are rising every year, these numbers although high, are preventable. 

    At Zaparas Lawyers, we understand how unexpected and traumatic transport accidents can be. That’s why, as well as advocating on behalf of transport accident victims, we are also focused on road safety awareness and education. When it comes to transport accidents – prevention is better than compensation. 

    National Road Safety Week runs between 16 – 23 May 2021. The initiative asks road-users to make a pledge to use the road with others’ safety in mind. Road users are encouraged to be extra-vigilant, with the different days dedicated to illuminating the various vulnerable road user groups.

    We, at Zaparas Lawyers, pledge to drive safely, and ask everyone to always keep road safety in mind. Drive so others survive!

    If you have been injured in a road accident, Zaparas Lawyers, are here to help. Please contact us on 03 8527 0200 or submit a FREE CLAIM CHECK ONLINE

    Your road to recovery begins here.