No Win - No Charge



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    16 Jul 2019

    The construction industry is an essential and productive component of Australia’s workforce; but sadly, it can also be dangerous if all correct safety precautions and procedures are not adhered to. 

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    09 Jul 2019

    Sustaining an injury at work that affects your capacity to remain in employment can be devastating.  It can affect you financially, emotionally and your life can take an unpredictable turn. 

    05 Jul 2019

    Superannuation is money paid by your employer to a fund for you to live off when you retire. 

    Some of the common industry superannuation funds include:

    •    AustralianSuper
    •    CareSuper
    •    CBUS
    •    HESTA
    •    HOSTPLUS
    •    LUCRF Super
    •    MTAA Super
    •    TWUSUPER 

    What is TPD? 

    foot pain
    27 Jun 2019

    It is a common misconception that an injured worker with a pre-existing injury or disease cannot claim entitlements under the WorkCover scheme. Pre-existing conditions may exist in many forms.

    Injured Worker
    21 Jun 2019

    Qúy vị sẽ nhận được sự giúp đỡ tài chính với Tiền Trả Hằng Tuần sau khi qúy vị nộp đơn (Worker’s Injury Claim Form – Đơn đăng ký cho công nhân bị chấn thương) và được WorkCover chấp thuận.

    Giấy Chứng Nhận Khả Năng (Certificates of Capacity)

    Việc đầu tiên là qúy vị cần đi khám với bác sĩ để được cấp Giấy Chứng Nhận Khả Năng làm việc của qúy vị.

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    20 Jun 2019

    Once you have lodged your Worker’s Injury Claim Form and your claim is accepted, you can start receiving financial relief in the form of Weekly Payments.

    Certificates of Capacity

    Foremost, you must consult with your treating doctor to obtain Certificates of Capacity.