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No Win - No Fee



    Volunteer State Emergency Service workers
    19 May 2022
    Volunteers are vital to our workforce and communities. But in Victoria, only a handful of volunteers are entitled to WorkCover benefits if injured or become ill during voluntary duties. We explain who they are.
    Man driving truck
    18 May 2022
    It's important to know that if you’ve been injured in a road or transport accident, you may have a claim for compensation through TAC.
    Car accident injury, police vehicle at car accident
    15 May 2022
    The overall number of fatalities and serious injuries on Australian roads have decreased in the past decade, but any death is one too many.
    Workplace health and safety training
    27 Apr 2022
    There are many benefits that arise from having a positive work health and safety culture, but it really is as simple as the fact it prevents injury, illness and death.
    Middle aged woman in green shirt
    28 Mar 2022
    Superannuation was set up to ensure Australians have an income stream after retirement. Now it also has insurance policies to help if injured or ill, like TPD insurance.
    Explaining TPD insurance claims
    25 Mar 2022

    While Total and Permanent Disability insurance (otherwise known as TPD) is a common insurance held in superannuation funds, it can be a difficult policy to navigate.