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No Win - No Charge



    National Road Safety Week 2021
    14 May 2021

    Every day we depend on roadways to connect us to the people we love and the things we do. We trust these roadways to keep our supply chains running and to get us home safely, yet, at times people do get injured. The number of fatalities and serious injuries on Australian roads are rising every year, these numbers although high, are preventable. 

    World Day for Health and Safety at Work
    28 Apr 2021

    Wednesday, 28 April 2021 is World Day for Health and Safety at Work. This day provides us with an opportunity to remember those who have tragically died due to a workplace injury.

    In Australia, over 500,000 people are injured due to workplace accidents every year and close to 200 people are fatally injured at work. On a global scale, the numbers are in the millions.

    National Asbestos Awareness Month 2020
    30 Nov 2020

    National Asbestos Awareness Month 2020

    November is national Asbestos Awareness Month. Asbestos although commonly used decades ago still poses a very serious health threat today.

    National Safe Work Month
    07 Oct 2020

    October is National Safe Work Month. This month, Zaparas Lawyers would like to highlight and acknowledge the extraordinary work all our frontline workers have done and continue to do to fight COVID-19.

    To put it in perspective, as of 6 October, the total number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases is 3538 in the healthcare sector. 

    bullying at school
    16 Sep 2020

    In a recent article in the Herald Sun, ‘Ex-pupil sues over ‘bullying’ at school’ published on 5 September 2020 you were introduced to one of our clients, who had been the victim of repeated bullying during their senior high school years. 

    r u ok? day
    10 Sep 2020

    2020 has been a challenging year. Sharing the R U OK? Day message has never been more important to us.